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Founded in 2000, WMT was able to establish itself quickly as an innovative and reliable partner within the regions metal processing industry. With its extensive service portfolio catering to a fast growing customer base, WMT rapidly outgrew its initial production space in Koenigswinter/Oberpleis. This led to the need for new facilities which were finalized in 2006. Located in Bad Honnef/Rottbitze, the new factory was specifically designed to not only accommodate future growth but also allow an optimized production flow which is an essential part of WMT’s fully integrated process.

Through continuous investment in state of the art machinery and ongoing expansion of the companies’ footprint to now over 5000m², WMT has established itself as a highly reliable and above all innovative player within the regions metal processing industry. Longstanding customer relationships are proof of WMT’s commitment to utmost quality at a competitive price point while being able to maintain short lead times.

State of the art technology, high end materials, and motivated employees with industry leading know how guarantee ultimate precision and quality.

The execution of customer specific subassemblies all the way to designing and developing entire products is just as much WMT’s expertise as it is to successfully manage small and large scale serial production. Integral to these services are WMT’s core competencies – laser cutting, water jet cutting, bending, robot welding and powder coating. Pick and pack services as well as logistics are equally part of our competencies and underline our motivation to not only be highly specialized but versatile at the same time.

By bringing together these competencies under one roof, WMT guarantees that crucial know how is applied at every step throughout the entire development and production process. Thus, WMT can fulfill comprehensive customer demands while guaranteeing short lead times and maintaining highest quality standards.

Embracing this holistic approach it was an obvious step to launch WWW Zerspanung in 2010 as a partner company of WMT. State of the art CNC turning and milling technology paired with an experienced management team enables an efficient integration of subassemblies while maintaining highest quality standards.

The individual production of complex components is just as much WWW’s focus as it is to offer economical large quantity serial production. WMT has established itself as a leading player within the regions metal processing industry, perfectly equipped to react to a dynamic market while simultaneously influencing it through constant innovation.


Hans-Werner Wilsberg successfully acquired a degree in mechanical engineering and subsequently worked in the development of agricultural machinery. After many years of experience as an R&D lead in the food processing industry he founded Cetotec Biotechnology in 1996. Cetotec is specialized in fermentation processes focused on vinegar and yeast production – now widely recognized as the global leader within the industry.

2000 Hans-Werner founded WMT together with his brother Klaus. As CEO, Hans-Werner is the driving force behind the strategic development of the company, ultimately responsible for the remarkable growth both in terms of offered services and revenue.

“Through ongoing investment in the companies’ headquarters in Bad-Honnef/Rottbitze we have been able to continuously improve our services and quality standards. Our state of the art facilities are at the absolute forefront of the metal processing industry. It’s exhilarating to see how efficient we have developed the company over the last years especially with the help of our highly motivated employees whom many have been with us for years.”

The family’s next generation – Anna and Philipp Wilsberg form a management team in charge of administration and production. 

Anna Wilsberg joined the family business in 2012 after successfully acquiring her masters degree in business management. Today, Anna is in charge of the company’s controlling and finance functions. 

As a trained mechanical engineer, Philipp Wilsberg started his career at WMT by leading the company’s internal design department. Today, Philipp manages the company’s production across all divisions. 

As such the team represents all relevant management functions and further more possesses extensive experience acquired through many years of direct involvement since the company’s formation in 2000.


WWW Zerspanung

Turning and milling plays an integral role within the regions metal processing industry, which is what ultimately led to starting WWW in 2010. In a well established segment, price and short lead times are of course crucial but a professional management structure is what distinguishes the business from the majority of its competitors. Furthermore, the integration of an independently run turning and milling entity enables WMT to seamlessly integrate components within its complex manufacturing processes. 

Rainer Winter’s 30 plus years of industry Know How paired with WMT’s strategic foundation and sophisticated infrastructure allowed WWW to establish itself as a major player within the industry.

Turning, milling, drilling – with its state of the art CNC machinery WWW produces client specific components to the highest standards. Especially noteworthy is the 5 axis machining center which allows highly difficult form factors. In addition to manufacturing complex individual components, WWW is specialized in producing high quantity production runs at competitive price points. 



Cetotec is specialized in engineering services for the vinegar and yeast industry – partnering with industry leading clients globally. Cetotec provides advanced, customized lab and industrial scale production facilities, equipment, alcohol sensors, filtration systems, nutrients and reliable process control technology for various applications. As a research and development powerhouse Cetotec is the most innovative player in today’s vinegar industry. All major vinegar producers in Europe as well as in other parts of the world successfully apply Cetotec technology and nutrients.